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Kym Power

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Fast forward 20 minutes and I was lying on the table when the realization hit me, that my neck, shoulders and back were an absolute wreck (not a technical term!)

Quite simply, I’ve been doing the exact thing that I counsel all of my private clients NOT to do.I’ve been ignoring my own needs as the pressures of business and life rear up and say hi.

Well, what a humbling moment.

So today I’ve made some changes to support myself while I get things back on track and my life into balance.For the next 8 weeks, I’ve booked a weekly massage.Now, you may be asking how come that isn’t routine for me, well, sometimes getting a massage just seems like more work so I skip them or get a pedicure instead.I’ve also booked 4 float tank sessions and my morning exercise routine and meditation is firmly in place.Lastly, I’ve committed to freshly juiced fruit and vegetables daily so off to the market I go to stock the fridge.

All of this made me remember that I’m human and that it’s very easy to fall into a hole and not take care of your body and emotional state properly ultimately letting yourself, your family and your work commitments down.

So I hope that you are all taking care of yourself properly and if you do need some support or nurturing we are here for you and happy to help.

Till next month

Take care and all the best

Kym Power

Kym Power
Founder – Rejuvenators Health Massage