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Message from Kym Power

There is always so much to do, achieve, dream and desire and how we function day to day absolutely influences our outcomes.  I would love to tell you that my time management skills are impeccable and that I never feel overwhelmed but I’d be lying if I did.  I’d also love to say I’ve achieved everything I wanted to against my goal list for end of June but alas, it seems I’m reminded of my “humanness” yet again and that sometimes plans don’t quite go the way we thought they would.

When I stopped to look back at the last 6 months, it seemed like such a blur, I wondered if I had achieved much at all, so I decided to take stock of my life and take a full 48 hours out of my busy life and just STOP.  No phones, laptops, TV, friends or noise.

I took myself away for two whole days of inner reflection, peace and quiet and wow, what a revelation. I realized with startling clarity that whatever was or wasn’t happening in my external world was irrelevant to the peace, clarity, love and joy that I found within me during that beautiful quiet time.

I simply stopped judging myself on what’s wrong, what I haven’t done, what I could do better, what I want to do and just let go.  Now I hear you saying I don’t have the time to do that and it’s ok, you don’t HAVE to take that long (but it’s great if you do), you could just take an hour or two and let go, gosh, even by simply having a massage you can take time out to nurture yourself and be quiet, listen and reflect on who you really are.  It’s such a special gift for yourself and allows you to step back into your life more focused, clear and energized to do all that you desire.

So, to encourage you to stop and let go, I’ve created some super special packages that will allow you to take advantage of regular time out for YOU, as I would love for you to feel as incredible as I did after my retreat.  Actually, you know what, close your eyes right now, take a deep breath and feel peace, serenity, clarity, joy, love and nurtured bliss enter effortlessly into your body. Great huh!  Imagine relaxing for an hour or longer with us taking care of you and feel that all of those feelings we just imagined enter your body and give back to yourself.

If you are stressed, overwhelmed and exhausted you aren’t going to be as effective as you want to be and even more time will fly by without obtaining the results that you want.  If you don’t start to put yourself first , who will?  Unfortunately no one, it’s up to you. You deserve to feel great and I and my team are here to help you so grab one of my special packages right now and start to let go, you’ll feel incredibe, so until next time stay well and happy